Pennvale is all about helping you find the right home and guiding you through the rental process. From when you first register with us as an applicant, through to becoming one of our tenants, we will work together with you to make sure you have a great experience and are a positive testament to the Pennvale journey.

Finding a home involves many considerations and moving can be one of the most challenging stages of a person's life. We have therefore designed our tenant services with this in mind, to take the stress away and make your move easy and trouble-free. That said, we know we don’t always get it right, so in these circumstances, we encourage you to share your feedback so we can work with you to understand what has happened and make it right.

Our easy, step-by-step guide takes you through the feedback process so you can report any concerns with us quickly.

Reporting a complaint – your first contact

In the first instance, you can contact us directly by phone, email or letter.

Windsor Court
Kingsmead Business Park
Frederick Place
High Wycombe
HP11 1JU
01494 700 000

During that first point of contact, we'll do all we can to resolve things for you right away. If that's not possible, we'll get back to you in writing within two working days to acknowledge your concern/s.

What happens if you can't help me within those first two days?

Where this is the case, we'll take the time to look into the issues in more detail and in some cases, escalate them to a member of our management team. Where this happens, we'll write to confirm what action we're taking and who will be responsible for resolving your concerns.

Please note that if you report any issues over the phone initially, we might ask you to confirm these in writing.

Once our investigation has started, we will provide you with a full and formal written response within 10 working days.

If for any reason, we can't complete our investigation in this time, we'll let you know and give you a time in which we will resolve things.

If we don't hear from you within eight weeks after we've sent our formal response, the complaint will be considered closed.

What if I'm not satisfied with the outcome of the formal investigation?

Our aim is to always deal with complaints fairly and in line with Data Protection legislation, taking an unbiased and non-prejudiced approach.

However, if you have any questions about the outcome of the formal investigation, we would be more than happy to talk these through with you.

If we still can't address your concerns until you're satisfied, your complaint will be passed to a more senior member of our management team. You will receive written acknowledgement from us within two working days from receipt of your written confirmation that you are unhappy with the outcome of the initial formal investigation. Likewise, we will respond to you further in writing once we have re-assessed our findings and come to an outcome within an additional 10 working days.

Do I have any other options?

If after your complaint has been formally investigated and reviewed again for a second time internally through Pennvale and you find yourself still unsatisfied with the outcome, you can contact The Property Ombudsman:

The Property Ombudsman Ltd
Milford House
43-55 Milford Street

01722 333 306

For further information, please refer to their guidance page:

Contacting Propertymark

As a member of Propertymark, should you feel that neither ourselves nor The Property Ombudsman Scheme have been able to successfully conclude your complaint to your satisfaction, you may contact Propertymark.

As with The Property Ombudsman redress scheme, you will be required to download and complete a complaint form online. Propertymark will investigate any complaints against members where there is evidence that the agent member has breached their Conduct and Membership Rules.

Telephone: 01296 496 791

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